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Top three cosplay ideas and how to get your girlfriend to wear them!

We know that most of you have your favourites in the movies etc. who doesn’t want to play around with some of those characters that get you so excited?! Well, being sensual massage specialists has granted us with more than a little insight into this concept, so we’re going to introduce you to the top three cosplay outfits. But we’re also going to offer you some advice on how to get your significant other to dress up for you!

Lara Croft

With the advent of the new video game and the new movie, Lara Croft is more alive and well than she ever was. This wonderful character with the boobs that were way too big for her tiny frame in the original 1990’s video game, is top of the charts when it comes to cosplay. This is especially true in the bedroom of course! And these days, your partner doesn’t have to have a massive pair of boobs either. The new movie character has concentrated on a younger Lara, and one with a much smaller bust (sadly for some of you, but more realistic we think!)

Some of our sensual massage girls have dressed up as Lara before of course, it’s a lot of fun! All you need is a pair of shorts and a tight vest top really. Having your girl’s hair tied back and holding a pair of toy guns is essential however, just to set the mood! Who is your favourite Lara Croft? We’re betting that it’s Angelina Jolie right?

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The Jessica Rabbit phenomenon

Yes, we said it! Did any of you see Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It was a movie that mixed animation with real actors and it was the first of its kind really. An impressive feet back in the 1980 we think. Well, there was a character in that movie who was animated, but she was as sexy as hell. It has to be one of the first movies to have real men swooning over a cartoon character (well, since Daphne in Scooby Doo that is!) Jessica Rabbit might not be an easy one to get your girl to dress up as, but you don’t have to say the name. Just tell her about the look! You can find more about it her on Google of course, with images. Basically, if your girl has big boobs, get her a slinky, long evening dress (strapless) with some long silky gloves!

Harley Quinn sensual massage?

Wouldn’t that be something?! The infamous Harley Quinn! Isn’t she just the best. Even before Margot Robbie played the part, Harley has been a hotly desired character, from the comic books to the cartoons, to the movies. She’s as dangerous as she is beautiful and sexy. Costumes for Harley are easy to come by, and pretty much any woman would look good dressed like this. Be careful though, don’t get your wife a baseball bat!

How to get them to dress up!

This is the tricky part. Not all women are as open and playful as our sensual massage girls. You may have to do a little work here. Take some time over a period of some weeks, dropping gentle hints about how your girl would look good dressed as your favourite cosplay character. Doesn’t have to be in our top three of course, you may have an alternative. Mention how much the character turns you on and that she always has, possibly right from being very young. Or if you want to really go for it, after you’ve dropped enough hints over the weeks, just get a costume and introduce the alcohol!

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