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Turn your injury into a tantric massage experience

tantric massageTantric Touch London are always here for those special hints and tips, you all know that. Today we’ve got a “doozy” for you, if you’ll excuse our Americanism! You’ve all seen those adverts about “where there’s blame, there’s a claim,” etc. Well we have another tagline for you. “Where there’s blame, there’s a tantric massage waiting for you!”

What are we talking about?

You may well ask. You see, people get injured all the time. It might be an accident at work, it might have happened when you were playing football at the weekend. Whatever the reason, a massage usually helps right? Of course it does. You go along for some physiotherapy or sports massage to help the muscles repair themselves and it usually works a treat. What we’re saying is, why not incorporate a tantric massage?

No reason not to have fun when you can!

The beauty of the whole thing is that whilst you’re having a tantric massage and being sent to heaven by one of our lovely masseuses, you’re actually helping your injury too. We all know by now just how much massage can aid the repair of muscle tissue, so it’s a win – win situation guys! Also, our masseuses have mostly had training in therapeutic massage techniques too, so they can help a lot more than the usual tantric massage professional you get in London these days. Plus they’re not likely to injure you even more by rubbing the wrong area!

The perfect excuse to have a tantric massage

Also, isn’t it just the perfect excuse to tell any partner you may have? When you’re late home or they catch the scent or residue of massage oil on you, you have the perfect excuse. In fact, make the plan before you even go to work that day. Tell the other half that you’re going to get a massage after work to try and “loosen” your back or whatever. That way you’ll have some sympathy, plus a free ticket to have some fun!

Never say we don’t help you out. Book your tantric massage with Tantric Touch London and we’ll look after you!

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