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Wait for your Shoreditch massage with the hipsters

Are you the “hipster” type? Well, not necessarily a hipster, but perhaps you are sympathetic to their way of life, or what they are associated with. We’re not talking about barber shops that also tattoo you, and dry clean your clothes and make you a nice floral beard arrangement here by the way. If you’re “on the margins” so to speak, we have a recommendation for you whilst you’re waiting for your Shoreditch massage appointment.

Shoreditch massage

We’re talking about The Bell, and it’s nearer Aldgate Station actually, but it’s still in the general area. We’re writing about it because we’ve been in there and we like it basically, and we like to share things with you! It’s just like a normal boozer in many respects, except that it plays music (good music), as well as has the usual news on the TV on silent (to keep the banker types happy no doubt!) There are quirky little touches that we like, like an old sewing machine pedal table to sit at. There are loads of pictures all over behind the bar, as well as a giant bear head on the wall (not a real one we’re sure!)

Sex drugs and sausage rolls!

The staff there are pretty cute and “hip” and all that, and they’re very attentive to your needs. They even sometimes have a plate of homemade sausage rolls behind the bar, with a sign that reads “sex, drugs and sausage rolls £2.00”. Just where exactly they’re selling the sex and drugs we have yet to discover. However, you will be able to get a sexy Shoreditch massage nearby of course, don’t forget that!

Do us a favour though

If you’re going to The Bell for a beer, a chill out and a sexy sausage roll, please don’t drink too much before you come to see us. It’s not our business we know, but if you’re going to be stumbling around and making a row, you’ll piss off our neighbours as well as us! You’re also more likely to behave inappropriately, and we don’t want that do we? You incall Shoreditch massage is all about being relaxed and having fun. In this case, having a wee drink to calm your nerves is cool, but three, four or more pints is not!

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