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What defines a tantric masseuse?

There are masseuses, and then there are tantric masseuses. The only way to really define a tantric masseuse would be to use another type of masseuse to compare the two…

So we thought it would be useful, for those of you who have a particular interest in massage, to explain just what goes into the creation of both type of masseuse and perhaps give a little insight into why these particular professionals choose the directions they end up taking.

London tantric massage

Training to be a masseuse

It’s not really as simple as many people think really. It’s not like learning to play the guitar via YouTube! A professional masseuse, either tantric or otherwise, will have to do a certain amount of watching, but there’ a lot more to it than that. It’s one of those skills that has to be practiced, and more importantly, it has to be practiced on a human being. Going back to our guitar example for a moment, you’re not likely to hurt anyone when you practice the guitar; except perhaps a few eardrums!

On top of practice, many masseuses have been originally trained in sports injuries, or other areas, so there’s also quite a bit of science involved, and a working knowledge of the human body. This kind of stuff isn’t learned overnight, sometimes it takes quite a long time.

Choosing the right path

We’ll begin by explaining that virtually all tantric massage specialists have, at one point or another, trained as a professional masseuse in another capacity. This may be professional physiotherapy, traditional Chinese massage, Swedish massage etc.

The London tantric massage direction

When masseuses choose to follow the path of the Tantra, they’ve already made the decision to dedicate themselves to what is widely considered as an art form, but when they choose to do London tantric massage, they have to really up their game. When girls come to us from elsewhere in the country, or indeed the world, they sometimes have to “brush up” their skills in order to cater to more discerning clients. Yes, we’re referring to you guys! You know what you want, and you want the very best of the best!

Work with us here at Tantric Touch London

You may be an experienced London tantric massage specialist already, or you may perhaps be in training as a masseuse in one of the areas we mentioned above. Whatever your background, if you feel you have what it takes to join a team that’s home to some of the finest tantric massage specialists in the world, do get in touch. Don’t be intimidated in any way if you feel you’re not good enough yet. This could simply be a matter of time and experience and you’ll get plenty of experience with our clients.

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