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What does “wellness” mean anyway?

“Wellness”. Now there’s a word that can mean a thousand different things right? Just how do you define it? If we’re not sure, why on earth do we hear it so much these days?

Physically well, mentally well, financially, socially, it never ends really, and all the sub categories coming off those few could keep you going all day! We think that this catch all word is being a little overused these days, and it’s about time it was laid to rest. There are wellness clinics for goodness sake, wellness websites, wellness books, wellness coaches. It never ends. Basically we’d like to offer our definition for the word as being “happy.”

“Wellness” has basically been used to sell stuff to you anyway, so even if we’re trying to sell you tantric massage services, in our opinion it’s better to use the word happy, or happiness. An example, if you get a tantric massage from our girls your happiness will be considerably increased. You see what we’re saying here? Your wellness won’t necessarily be! In all seriousness, you could smoke 40 cigarettes a day, and still go to a wellness clinic, go to the gym, eat well and have massages, but it doesn’t mean you’re physically “well,” does it? Damn buzzwords!

Tantric Touch London thought for the day: Concentrate on being happy

That’s our advice to you. Whether it’s a couple of pints of lager with your colleagues after work on a Friday, or a sensual massage at lunchtime when no-one knows where you are, just concentrate on being happy. In our minds, there’s a lot to be said for it. Regardless of what you read all over the internet these days, or how much those “wellness” adverts appear on the TV and on billboards all over the place, concentrate on what makes you happy. We couldn’t think of a better thought for the day gentlemen… What about you?

Happiness is a tantric massage in London

Ha! And there you have the correct word being used to describe what you’ll feel when you’ve had a massage at the hands of our professional and dedicated masseuses. From 10am until midnight every day, they’ll be someone waiting to make you happy – both incall and outcall services available.

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