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Show me the way to the next whisky bar!

If you recognise that title, then you’ll know it’s a song by The Doors. We know that Jim Morrison would be proud to do a little tour of London if he was alive today, and we’re damn sure he’d like to visit one of our London tantric massage professionals too of course! Anyone who has a passion for whisky will be pleased to know that London has some of the best in the world, and there’s enough of them to keep you happy!

Our London tantric massage girls love a shot or two!

Does it surprise you that our girls love to have a “wee dram” from time to time? Well, it shouldn’t. These young lovelies like nothing more than to relax at the end of the day or night with a cocktail or two, and you know there are a number of them that are based firmly in good quality whisky! Ever had an old fashioned? You know the one, whisky, with plenty of ice and twist of orange zest? Just thinking about it now makes us salivate! Anyway, onto which we consider to be the best whisky bars in London at the moment.

  • Black Rock – 9 Christopher Street. This one is well and truly on our patch, in lovely Shoreditch! There are more than 200 bottles here and they’re all different! There’s also a lovely, lively cocktail menu for those who can’t handle the straight shot!
  • Boisdale – Cabot Place. On top of the great selection of whisky at this bar, you’ve also got the added bonus of an oyster and cigar room! Now, our tantric massage girls aren’t much into cigars, but oysters are definitely part of their staple diet!
  • The Connaught – Carlos Place. Indulge in the 1920’s when you’re at this place. There’s no wonder it’s been coined as one of the best bars in London, it’s truly lovely. They also have their own “one-off Connaught Cask single malt” that you can try out, or you can buy yourself a bottle if you really fall for it!
  • Soho Whisky Club – 42 Old Crompton Street. Another place with a cigar terrace; some believe you can’t enjoy a nice whisky without a cigar, and vice versa. There are over 600 whiskies to try out here, so you’re going to need a few visits. Don’t spend too long here before you visit us for your London tantric massage gentlemen!

Book with Tantric Touch before you go!

It’s a good idea to book your tantric massage before you hit the whisky bars however. Not many women like the smell of whisky on your breath when they’re trying their best to slide their bodies against yours to give you a heightened sensual massage experience. So make your booking now, and plan your celebration afterwards!

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