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You won’t get a London massage like this!

Today we’re commenting on the very talented Noman Barber. For those of you who think you know about London massage, we are yet to see something this good in our fine city. We wait with baited breath of course. There have been a few masseuses we know try and do this, but as spiritual as they are, they just don’t have the conviction the Nomad has! Take a look for yourself.

Obviously you won’t get a shave with our London massage, so that’s one thing you wouldn’t get anyway when you come to visit one of our masseuses! But what about all that hand waving etc. We’re pretty sure it’s all to do with guiding the negative energies out of the body through the head, or something like that. No matter which way you look at it, you just can’t help being mesmerised by him can you? You can almost understand how good it feels to get a massage like that, just by watching the video!

It’s all in the breathing!

One thing you will get with a London massage from our tantric massage professionals is a lot of breathing. Although it won’t be anything like the breathing the Nomad Barber does of course. The type of breathing you get in a sensual London massage by a true professional, is a very erotic type of breathing. It’s not just faked or added for effect either. When a masseuse breathes deeply during your massage it’s because they’re getting into the process and they’re actually acutely aware of exactly how you feel. There’s a certain “togetherness” that happens during a tantric massage and once you submit to the moment you’ll fully appreciate the experience.

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