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Picking up girls in a bar: Is it for you?

It’s not for everyone, and we know some of you are better than others at this, so we figured we’d give you a few pointers. It can’t hurt can it? As long as you don’t try pulling our masseuses, you can’t go wrong!

However, this article isn’t going to be the standard type about chat up lines, what to wear and what to say. To be honest, the first thing you need to think about is, do you really want to pick up a girl in a bar? If you are after anything that’s at all lasting, this isn’t the place to meet the woman of your dreams is it? Unless you’re with a group of friends and you are introduced to someone of course, then this is different. But walking over and “chatting up” a random girl when you’ve had a skin full of booze isn’t the best way.


Want to get laid?

Well now, if you just want to get laid, you could just walk up to random girls in the bar, where they have probably had as much booze as you, probably is your thing. It’s all about having fun, in much the same way as getting some attention from one of our masseuses, but you need to understand also that this isn’t the end goal for that many women. Most of them, regardless of how drunk they are, are always looking for that ideal “boyfriend”. So, if this is your goal, you better have some lines at the ready!

There are of course those “party girls” out there that want just what you want, we wouldn’t deny that, but these girls are few and far between. You’ll know them if you meet them though, they’ll be very forward and almost predatory, so watch out if you have a nervous disposition!

Be her perfect man

Keep in mind that idea that they’re looking for their boyfriend and you won’t go wrong, whether you just want some one night fun, or something lasting. Always remember that you will never get the full measure of a girl in a bar when you’ve both been drinking however. So it’s probably best, if you’re genuinely interested in her, to get her number and arrange a date where you can sit down and get to know each other.

But there’s never any harm in doing it the other way around if you get lucky. Be the boyfriend! Be the one that says the right things, dress nice, listen to her, be caring and honest and everything she dreams of.


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