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Tantric Touch says: Are you ready to get fitter? London’s cycle bridge designs unveiled

A recent article in The Guardian has managed to get people speculating which of the four fantastic designs are going to be chosen.  Here at Tantric Touch it pleases us greatly that they’re going ahead with this.  Anything that contributes to the health of our lovely city is welcome…

And besides all that, it’s a better use of funds than Boris Johnson’s ridiculous water cannons (that he didn’t have permission to buy anyway!)  Who on earth has the reigns when it comes to this guy’s spending anyway!

A total of four designs have been shortlisted for the new cycle/pedestrian bridge over The Thames and they all look pretty good.  You’ll see them in this picture of course, but if you’d like to take a closer look and learn more about it you can visit The Guardian’s article.  The main contenders are: BuroHappold, Bystrup Architecture Design Engineering and Ove Arup & Partners.  Ove Arup have two designs in the final four, but no-one is really sure which will get the massive project that is rumoured to cost around £40 million!


All the design engineers have followed the brief to the letter, which is clearly why they’ve managed to get in the top four.  The bridge has to allow access underneath and also allow for cyclists and pedestrians to climb the rise without too much trouble.  Here are Tantric Touch we’re just pleased that something is being done.  Not only is the increase access to fitness very welcome indeed, the rise in cyclist injuries during peak times has become a major problem for the city.

Location, location, location

The location for the new bridge will be at a vital point between Pimlico and Nine Elms in the south west.  Commuters, tourists and locals alike will benefit greatly from being able to cross The Thames at this location and former routes will be much less congested.  Now really is a good time to get yourself a bike and get a little fitter.  Soon you’ll be able to take advantage of the new bridge; let’s hope they’re not going to charge a toll!

How about tantric massage after a hard day’s cycling?

Perhaps you’re already a cyclist?  If you are you’ll know the benefits of massage.  Get those muscles all relaxed and ready for some more cycling with a nice rub down from a beautiful young woman.  What could be better?  Really?  You’re feeling fitter, the sun is shining, they’re building you a new bridge over The Thames, and you can have a tantric massage from one of the most qualified and professional massage services in London today!

You’ve got it all gents…